I have known Tom O'Connor and Margie Martin for 20 years. I know them to be dedicated smart resourceful efficient and fun I am leaving this message of endorsement because I have accessed their website and I again need to retain Tom O'Connor for an issue I know he'll do a great job .I know that I will get through this with sanity and I'm hoping that I get the outcome that I want

Patricia K.

I contacted Mr. O'Connor and it was the best thing I could have ever done! He assisted me with my situation as well as had a sincere concern. I would highly recommend him!

Lorie J.

I would like all to know about Tom O'Connor and Margie Martin.
I needed Tom to do my divorce from a N I G H T M A R E of a person.
Her Attorney was nothing more than a manikin. I was a total emotional mess. Tom was able to counsel me out of depression by providing me direction and leadership where needed to get my head straight,.
Then he did everything. I mean everything. Promptly, with out pain or hassle. I have others in my family that do Family Law. Tom was able to get my divorce finalized, clear my head out, and gain a big fan !
... and he did it all less than what my own family wanted as a retainer !
What a Leader and a Hero.

Then Margie did a personal injury case for me in no time flat! I was reaching into a product freezer at the store, and no exaduration , a razor sharp sheet metal edge sticking up sliced the blank out of my hand!
I got a settlement more than twice than what i was expecting in TWO WEEKS TIME ! RITE ? FANTASTIC ! Her Medical Background with the Law degree is unstoppable ! If she accepts your case you will probably win or at least your chances have just quadrupled at least.
She always answered questions when I had one promptly too.
She is so amazing! (I see why they are a dynamic power couple) .

(unless your the one their going after , i pity you).